What Is Butter Cake ??

butter cake

This isn’t the first occasion when I heat Butter Cake. Be that as it may, this is an uncommon one. The formula that I’m going to adhere to it. To see, I’ll award you, this is certifiably not a glad creation, however sodden and antiquated taste is even more uplifted for being unanticipated. I like that.

This margarine cake has it’s story behind. In any case, it’s excessively verbose to compose it here. I’m going to make it short – I had this cake previously, during my tutoring time at my old neighborhood. One of my classmate’s mom prepared this, and they offered me a bit of margarine cake that taste extremely amazing. Around then, I imagined that was the BEST spread cake ever! My taste-bud can be very fussy once in a while. On the off chance that it is extremely pleasant, I will always remember the taste. This margarine cake is one of them.

Wendy from butter cake and I are from a similar school. She’s my senior. As of late, she posted a margarine cake considered Mrs NgSK’s Butter Cake formula in her blog that makes me truly wanna attempt. Furthermore, I figured this may be the tragically deceased taste that I’d been searching for. I’m uncertain. By taking a gander at the image, I’m truly not certain on the off chance that the one I ate during my tutoring time. Spread cake appears to be identical on the image lah. Yellow shading loh. Hahaha… In any case, Wendy referenced that Mrs NgSK (the formula originator) is from Kampar. Same old neighborhood! So I figured this may be the one. Regardless of whether it isn’t the one, I thought, no damage attempting likewise, coz the spread cake looks great and antiquated sort. Along these lines, I check out it.


Margarine cake is a cake that I won’t prepare frequently. Genuinely not excessively regularly. Not unreasonably I don’t care for spread cake. I worship margarine cake alot. Be that as it may, I make a decent attempt to hold back myself. It’s basically in light of the fact that margarine cake is extremely wicked! Despite the fact that I’m not a wellbeing monstrosity, however margarine cake contain entire square of spread alright? I don’t think about others, yet at whatever point I heat margarine cake, the entire square of spread is straight in the blender. Nothing left-finished.

Wicked? Simply close one eye…

As a result of high substance of spread in the cake, I generally ensure I get myself a square of good margarine (eg. Lurpak, President or SCS). Kindly don’t utilize modest spread. I generally trust you get what you paid for.


250g Salted Butter, room temperature.

200g Eggs (no shell) – About 4 eggs (Grade B).

50g + 150g Castor Sugar

200g Self raising flour, filtered

60ml Fresh Milk

1 tsp Vanilla Essence

Note :

1. Wendy utilized 230g margarine for this cake as it were. Be that as it may, I utilized 250g. Since I’m sluggish, I simply close my eyes and toss in the entire square of spread.

2. I utilized Seng Choon eggs for all my cake heating. 4 eggs weighed about 240g (with shell)

3. I utilized Magnolia crisp milk.

4. I don’t have Vanilla Pod nor Vanilla Paste at home. In this way, I simply play-cheat. Utilized Vanilla Essence. I feel awful about it.


1. Pre-heat broiler at 180C (Conventional).

2. Set up a 8 x 8 inch square container. Line the base, oil the sides.

3. Separate egg whites and yolk. Beat egg whites until delicate pinnacles, bit by bit include 50g sugar and beat until firm.

4. Cream spread and 150g sugar until pale and soft. Include Vanilla quintessence, beat for a little while, and pursued by egg yolks each in turn.

5. Put down the middle the flour and blend on low speed until consolidated. Include milk in 2 increments and blend until very much fused. Blend in balance flour.

6. Put into equal parts the egg whites in and blend on low speed. Pour the parity egg whits in and FOLD utilizing your spatula.

7. Empty hitter into container and level.

8. Prepare for 45minutes or until stick confesses all. You may to expand the preparing time for another 10mins on the off chance that you are not certain enough. Do it with your guts feeling. 45mins heating time is only a sign. Distinctive stove gives diverse outcome.

Guess what? in the wake of heating for 35mins, I saw a break on my cake!!!!

For example, my heart split as well. In my heart, I resembled “Goodness!!! This shouldn’t be cracking!!!” 🙁

I rapidly diminish the warmth to 150C for the last 10minutes to keep it from splitting further. In any case, I think, in by and large, 170C was alright. Wendy utilized 170C, and her cake ended up great, yet she reduced to 150C after 30minutes prepare as well.

Fortunately the split doesn’t gives serious issue. Still looks OK. I like the stature of the cake. In spite of the fact that the side is abit burned. All things considered, I love it! For reasons unknown, I don’t have a clue why, I love eating consumed cakes. That is the reason I constantly like eating the corner some portion of the cake.

Cut them into 3 portion….

Cut them in like manner. Be that as it may, I could promise you, this is actually an extreme activity to prevent my spit from trickling. The smell of the crisply heated margarine cake is actually so doomed I let you know!

Take a gander at the center piece of the cake. You could see the split. I’m almost certain I got the chance to lessen the temperature from 180 degree to 170 degree, and I’m going to utilize Vanilla Pod next time. I guarantee.

I truly need to feature this… This cake is the cake that I had during my tutoring time! It’s THE SAME CAKE!!! Me and Wendy had a visit over facebook today and the more we shared data to one another, the bunch tied up. At the point when she inquired as to whether I ate this cake at Taman Julong during my tutoring time, this hit the spot! I’m certain that I had this Mrs Ng SK’s Butter Cake previously!


Approves.. I’m over-responded. Be that as it may, I feel extremely upbeat!

In future, when I have my own children, I will ensure I prepare this for them, and disclose to them how flavorful this margarine cake is. What’s more, obviously, while they are appreciating this cake, I will reveal to them the tale about this is antiquated spread cake that I’ve eaten during my youngster hood time.

The individuals who take a gander at life as opposed to whittling down it are not meriting the joy they deny themselves. This is spread cake. Yummm~ ~

I super love this!

I carry some to my office and offer with my partners. Every one of them cherishes it.

I’m not really good or bad so soooooooo glad!!! 😀

Because of Mrs NgSK for this marvelous formula, and I need to give a genuine enormous love squeezes to Wendy for sharing it on her blog. Without Wendy, I figure I won’t have the option to eat this cake once more.

Along these lines, it would be ideal if you attempt it! You will love 🙂

Be that as it may, it would be ideal if you be cautioned, this is a profoundly addictive “one-is-never-enough” cake. Hahahah!!!!

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